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May 2, 2018

           Around the time that I had left my mother’s house to move in with Nick, I got a call from Lucy. This was the third of five instances in which I unsuccessfully left my mother’s home; invariably, I had to return after each landlord refused to renew the lease,...

May 2, 2018

that this morning I woke

thinking of JonBenét

because the news won’t let us

let her go it’s the twentieth anniversary

documentary I knew

not to watch but did so I

was thinking of her little face

while getting high I knew I could

have read an encyclopedia or gone for a run


March 5, 2018

You wanted so badly to show me
All of your brain tissue on that couch
Sticky with tears on the television as
It moved in the wind in front of us
You spoke quietly and softly I watched
It and you with no words the leaves
Were carried away by the wind leaving
The gray as...

March 5, 2018

I wrapped my son’s birthday gift

In the cellophane of moths’ wings.

It is fragile as the skin on his eyelids,

As the chiffon of my wedding gown.

My son cried when I flushed his fish.

He spit his hatred in my eye.

When did I become the grave digger, love taker?

Maybe, it happe...

March 5, 2018

Buses are lonesome beasts.
When there’s snow outside, the quiet is deadly.
Once, I was small as a strawberry seed—
The lines on the road slowly faded away.

When there’s snow outside, the quiet is deadly.
Three years, I drove alongside my mother.
The lines on the road sl...

March 5, 2018

I had just filled my head
with cement, grey and cracked already
under the pressure of, “Please,
please, my parents are asleep—
Don’t make any noise.”

I shut my lips and followed him
outside. “This way,” he said.
“Follow me, this way.” My legs
were wobbling but I stuck t...

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