Forlorn Fall Flashbacks

March 5, 2018

Whenever I am alone,

Be it in the morning,

Just when the top of the golden sun Peaks over the North Adams mountain tops,

As I sip on the bitter bliss

That coffee brings me;

Or in the afternoon,

When I take a deep breath in,

And note the October air

Which smells crisp,

Like my childhood adventures

Through various piles of leaves

As I sit on a park bench,

Inhaling the autumn breeze

Into my lungs

And exhaling nostalgia;

Or during the late evening

When the stars spread across the sky,

Like white dots


Through the navy backdrop overhead,

As I lay in the gray grass,

Trying to fend off insomnia,

I can’t help but to remember:

You are under the same sky,

Breathing in the same breeze,

Feeling the same earth under your feet,

And just knowing

That you exist in my world

Can make me feel less lonely.


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