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Quantitative Reasoning

One hit opens your third eye.

Three hits closes your first two.

One hundred flowers bloomed

in June, & were pressed between

pages of soon-to-be-burned books.

The nine o’clock news said the next school-

shooting kill-count could amount to as high as one

hundred & twenty (two twin magazines on an AR-15), &

that it’s due to video-games’ consequence-free realities, but

I do just fine, this is fine; I have eighty-nine eleven-digit women’s

numbers— over three-thousand followers on tumblr— an armada of

B-52 bombers lobbying six six six sob stories— political allegories rich with

glistening pig pens, twelve hens, four hundred & twenty thousand cows, 88%

as many sows, three blind mice & a partridge in a courthouse tweeting If @Apple

won’t tell us who bit from the forbidden fruit, how will we know if it’s an isolated incident or #ISIS?

For just six cents a day you can save a life if you like my status I won’t kill myself or any African children.

#SamuelPayne #20172018 #poetry

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