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She sat under the burning sky

Set alight by the setting sun

She stared at the last rays of a dying day

Her heart light and merry

Yet as the light faded

And the shadows grew larger and larger

Until they engulfed the world in their icy grip

An unfathomable feeling of sadness

Set into her fragile bones

Spreading through her veins

Wrapping around her mind

Her thoughts once a bright star

Now an unstoppable whirlwind

Her soul became heavy with doubt

Her heart frozen in fear

Her breath stuck in her throat

Blocking out any sound she may have uttered

The melancholy trapped her

As shadowy wraiths danced around her

Their grinning pointy teeth glistening in the dim starlight

All the girl could do was sit there

As her mind spun round and round

In endless circles

She knew this feeling of melancholy would leave her eventually

And so she sat in a dark corner

Her knees pressed against her chest

Her eyes closed

Her hands jammed over her ears

In a desperate attempt to block out the laughing wraiths

There she sat waiting

Like she had done so many times

For that glorious hand of light to appear

To tap her on her shoulder

And whisper enchantingly to her until the whispers were all she could hear

“Come my darling come” the voice would say melodically

“Come to the light once again”

And the girl would turn and grasp tightly onto the hand

Burning hot against her icy skin

And she would smile her toothy smile

Her eyes releasing one last lonely tear

Before her cheeks would be dried by the gentle hand

She would once again smile

And the world would be lit up

The stars would burst into beautiful luminescence

The moon would shine and grin

And the cold would leave her bones

Her heart would unfreeze

Her soul would be lifted

Her breath would escape from her weary lips

And she would finally see the beauty in a once terrifying world


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