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The Aurorian Atlas

How would I like to sail across the ocean blue, one last time before my eyes shut. I never would’ve thought that I would ever set sail, or how I would have wanted to. At night it was harder to see, and the shores were rocky. So instead of adventure, I knew it was safer to watch from inside the lighthouse. Ships come and go. Sailors either travel safely and visit fantastical worlds- or sink and get taken by monsters at the oceans edge, never be seen again. Whatever their adventures may be, I always knew it was better to watch from inside the lighthouse. Though it made great protection, I began to wonder why they never left. I‘ve been keeping watch for so long, I noticed I’ve been patiently waiting for a chance or a glance from beyond the shore, something that screams, “Hey, it’s ok to go for a swim… You’ll be safe...” I never leave my post. So, despite how unorthodox this Odyssey may be, Does that excuse me when I take the chance when a reckless sailor offers me their hand, and promises that “It’s out of the kindness of their heart” Should I still say no? Even if it’s one night across the ocean and back, and I could still return to the lighthouse safely before dawn and trust myself to carry on like nothing happened? I trusted myself to not get carried away. I knew better not to. Or at least I thought I did. It’s hard to stay grounded when you’re surrounded by water. So, knowing it was my only chance, and despite knowing the little trust I had for the sailor, I decided to let go of my breath and go where the sails take me. At first he took me at sunset, where I could still see. I could see the array and splatter of Gods paints. Pinks, Purples, Oranges, Yellows, and Blues. It was a sight I didn’t know I could be so close too. Together we floated idly. But night was dipping fast, and I was soon enveloped in Sky. The Sailor and I became silhouettes. I couldn’t tell if I was looking up or looking down, for we were completely surrounded by celestial lights. I couldn’t tell the difference between the stars, and their jealous, shallow reflections. Floating adrift, for once I felt as if I was one of them. And I danced and I dazed, and I stared and I gazed, and I was in complete awe of what was before me, and what was inside of me. The division between Ocean and Sky was completely and utterly blurred. But the sun had to rise. The sailor had to turn back his ship and bring me back home. At first I was confused, but then I realized he was only keeping his promise. I wasn’t to sail away forever and beyond oblivion, but only to the oceans edge and back. I should have known better than to feed impossible hopes. As a watcher from the lighthouse, I knew that the trip would end soon. I just didn’t predict how I would’ve wanted it. How I would have wanted to feel the lull and whisper of the waves, and how Ocean, Sky and I became one. How could I be audacious enough to challenge the sky and make the calm night last longer? But dawn had to come. It was a calling to wake up. Of course I had to return to the shore and carry on my duties. But how can I go back to watching, When I now know what it feels like to be part of this beautiful infinite oblivion? I suddenly deeply missed the experience the Sailor gave me, and like Columbus, I wanted to challenge the corners of my map and find a new world. I stand now at the rocky shore, looking out past the boat and it’s sailor, to the horizon that reminds me that I am still on Earth and that Heaven can wait. But how would I love to sail across the ocean blue, in hopes that someday all the stars can be true.

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