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Casey Vieira "While We’re Here" // Ashley DelRatez "Embers" // Ashley DelRatez "Dollar Store Romance" // Spencer Fossett "Earthbound Sweater" // Alison Blakeslee "Mother Mary Pocket Shrine" // Georgia Dedolph "An Ode to an Afternoon with Friends" // Juno Post "Oh to Be in Love (And Never Get Out Again)" // Alison Blakeslee "Call Me Baby" // Jasmine Sardos "Self-Portrait as the Clown Fish" // Georgia Dedolph "What Happens When Two Poets Collide?" // Laura Lewis "Buried in Blankets" // Gabbi Osowiecki "Sweet Tooth" // Jasmine Sardos "Melancholy" // Spencer Fossett "My Friend" // Fallon Maloney "How Depression Feels" // Laura Lewis "Raven-Eater" // Liza Marsala "It is a Perfectly Beautiful Day" // Rachel Zemsky "Opacity" // Corin Carpenter "Pulchritudinous" // Veronica Nault "My Mother's Arms" // Jamie Torres "The Gravity of Being Good" // Kacie Copeland "Kumu" // Dylan Slonka "Orthodontia (Younger Age)" // Chloe Smith "Lament to a Working Body" // Leo Skoble "Mindscape" // Izzy Beauchamp "Forced Migration" // Casey Vieira "Alpha Crucis" // Leo Skoble "In Praise of Factories" // Veronica Nault "My Father Zeus" // Jake Wedge "Untitled" // Mannie McBride "The Dawson & Joey Scenario" // Juno Post "Arrival Date" // Veronica Nault "A Silly Little Love Poem to Myself. And to You" // Leo Skoble "self-portrait as lowercase letters" // Liza Marsala "Iscariot" // Izzy Beauchamp "A Hazardous Affection" // Mannie McBride "Fergus The Not so Brave" // Jasmine Sardos "Elpis" // Alison Blakeslee "Ghosts" // Jamie Torres "Pomegranates" // Casey Vieira "Wayward Creator"



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