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Tarah Valin “After Hanif Abdurraqib” // Katherine DuVal “On Fixing” // Jacob Valenti “Living or Dead Things” //

Allison O’Keefe “there is fire” // Dalaina Yamawaki “Porcelain God” // Paula Kingsburg-Evans “i’m never eating strawberries again” // Timothy Downs “Crunch” // Lianne Gallant “An Essay: Untitled (or She Never Did Like Titles)” // Alyssa St. Franc “History” //

Emily Sienkiewicz “ΔΔΔ” // Katherine DuVal “Origin” // Dalaina Yamawaki “Sonnets to the Shadow Father” //

Allison O’Keefe “tavern, popponesset ma 2018” // Alyssa St. Franc “love that works hard to live” //

Jacob Valenti “A Dirty Parking Lot in Erving Massachusetts” // Anayra Colon & Isaac Jean “Tired” //

Don’Jea Smith & Alyssa St. Franc “Cluttered” // Anayra Colon & Andrew Clarke “Content” // Morrison Robblee “Paradise / Immortality” //

Lianne Gallant “Goddess of the Hunt(ed)” // Angelie Castor “Black girl magic” // Allison O’Keefe “trade center bowling” //

Jacob Valenti “A Questioning” // Dalaina Yamawaki “Ode to the rainy walk of shame” // Paula Kingsburg-Evans “Blue” //

Timothy Downs “Combustion” // Jacqueline Gamache “the introvert’s love letter to the invention of the door” //

Katherine DuVal “Some Dead Chickens, Hancock, NY” // Lianne Gallant “Notebook” //  

Timothy Downs “Loneliness and I” // Jacqueline Gamache “The Ashes of Fire Slogans” //

Nicholas Gamble “The Even Worst Bad Poem” // 



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