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13 Ways of Looking at a Miscarriage

I. The parents breathe woe The infant no longer does The bond is broken

II. At least it was soon I wish your other life well But I still love you

III. Today you left her Today you left us alone Will I ever cry

IV. Your name would have been Braeleigh Kae Walton, gorgeous It has been two days

V. Two months into life Eight months until your new life Time is strange that way

VI. An empty vessel How could someone so lovely Be taken so quick

VII. I have waited years Now I must wait even more But never for you

VIII. Sometimes I think of How beautiful you would be Or you would have been

IX. Do you think of us Wherever you may be now Can you think there still

X. You are so much more Than the tiny box you’re in And I won’t forget

XI. I hope that someday I will be so lucky to Have a girl like you

XII. Fate is for suckers You are gone because of luck Bad luck is still luck

XIII. No bottle can help No nicotine can save us Cancer in the void

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