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Elegy for Terrence Tart

I see you now

only in memories of burnt

tire tracks and unshaven mugs

you are my favorite rusty thought

I can still smell your

Marlboros and Gojo soap

salted with oil and greasy shirts

I smell auto body shops at night

To hear your rumbly chortle

muffled by tar inside your ribs

would be the whitest noise

call me Cindy Lou Who, please

The taste of a secret Corona lime

snuck past mom’s and grandma’s eyes

rejoices still on my tongue, 11 years past

only the lime, Ambs. No sips.

I feel your tree-branch stubble still

planted on my widow’s peak

when you kissed me goodbye

I love you, Gootdegoot

11 years of hush

#AmberTart #20172018 #poetry

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