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Women Empowering Women

Just give me one second to analyze, one minute

One feeling can turn into an experience

One gaze can become a whole movie

Drink your own crushed dreams call it a raw smoothie

I wreak havoc on people when I stay calm

My fears crawl out my eyes and sit in my palm

Whispering lies like about her never loving me

Life is lady, and she really likes touching me

However she is strong, she be knocking me too hard

Taking away my bros for ever, catching me off guard

Then she got me real good

When she introduced me to love

A feeling that despite feeling low

Makes you feel above

Make you wanna always cry

Make you wanna always smile

Make a mother do anything

For her little child

Make me wanna scream so loud

Exclamations on my heart

Make me wanna add more Kendrick albums

To my shopping cart

Make me feel like I can box

Even if I got no hands

Got me nodding yes to questions I don't even understand

Got me fighting the whole world

Baby, come and get your mans

Got me swimming in my own feelings

Like Drake, I need a one dance

People say that love is blind

But I don't think that's really true

Love is still possible

You just gotta see it through

Ladies got me contemplating

Beauty so sophisticated

Hold on, I'm not complaining

I still appreciate it

If you're looking for the treasure

In my heart is where it's situated

I miss you when I'm gone

But I don't hesitate to leave

My eyes clear when they cry

Clear as the summer's eve

She teaches me the man I should be or need to be to be me

I now know what I have to do

To treat her right

Like how I would treat my mother

The strictions were tight

But that’s because she wanted my future bright

Women are fine

They are a dime

And they walk pretty at the same time

They know the truth, the real

They are the ideal

But do you they know their worth, beauty, or validity

I need her like I need water

A daughter that would symbolize her

She needs me

But does she really

Because she teaches me the man I should be or need to be to be me

#LeahHarper #poetry #20172018

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