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Learn the World

Speak a new language

so that the world

will be a new world.

~ Rumi ~

flower gardens—large red dahlias

pink peonies, blue hydrangea

and tiny violets found in the grass

root gardens too

cool river streams

over smooth rocks

under your feet

salt water lit by sunshine

tasted in a dark bed

soft spy fingers

pushing you against the wall

in foreign undertones

with eyes closed

listen to world music

practice the language of desire

empathize with your neighbor

your enemy

the man in the photo on the front page

of the morning paper

walk through your dreams

with a stranger asleep

on the other pillow

smoke tobacco hand rolled

in grape flavored leaves

raise your voice to the sky

your arms in revolt, in adoration

your heart open

to the whole wide world.

#ElizabethHaight #poetry #20172018

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