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You can never recreate your mother’s garden.

The edging will never be as neat, the tomatoes nearly as sweet.

The backyard tree doesn’t cast the same shadows anymore.

You planted yourself in its shade all summer

Only the dandelions could hear your wishes, two invasive species trading secrets

That’s no way to bloom.

Root-bound, tear yourself from the ground

Shake the bindweed from your legs and run

Your garden might be messy.

It might be barren.

Weeds grow back twice as thick if you don’t pull them from the root

Sometimes it’s better to leave well enough alone.

Storms will feed the soil, just enjoy them.

It will never be the garden you remember

The vines here don’t have thorns

The daisies don’t pull red from the ground.

Plant your own shade.

It’s safer to sit alone with your silence

Grant your own wishes, the flowers don’t know you anymore

And dandelions will have no power here.

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