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Fifth grade was the best school year of my life. It was an early Monday morning when y mother woke me up for my first day of school. I get ready like I usually do, eat some breakfast, brush my teeth, and get dressed. My mother calls me in her room. I’m usually expecting to get yelled at when she calls me by my first and middle name. When I walk in, she has the greatest thing my eyes can lay sight on. New shoes for the school year. The high dunk Nike shoes, with the red logo and brown sides. It was the pair I’ve always wanted and have wanted for a while. The whole day I rock those shoes. Everyone was so jealous of my new shoes. I was rubbing it in any chance I could get. But on my way home that was going to change. As I was showing one of my friends what they look like I told him they make me jump higher. He didn’t believe me. I figured I need to show him the best I could do. I told him I would jump across the river to prove I’m right. I went up to the top of the hill, and started running down it. I was going so fast and when I jumped, I felt like a feather floating through the air. There’s no way I will land in the water. But then I looked down. I fell right into the river and my shoes were completely ruined. I go back home and all I can hear is my first and middle name.

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