there’s bugs living in my body

June 14, 2020

when ur fingertips brush against me

the earwigs that run laps between my layers of thin skin




the little snakes that grow on my arms

stand up and scream


i go to graveyards to look for myself

but my eyes r lost and crickets can only see ghosts


i try to call u but my fingers r frozen

so i just write ur name in the dirt with my feet





there’s a photo of my sister above my bed

and i have trouble sleeping at night

because the cicadas in my head hate silence

so i just study her face


when u look at me that one way

the spiders crawl down to my stomach

the wasps throw punches

as the spiders spit and swear


i wish i could say goodbye

but my tongue is a giant cockroach

that won't let me speak

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