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The Leaves are So Beautiful

“I heard that he’s on the run in Connecticut good riddance scum and crackheads like him are a waste of space here, the last thing Vermont needs is another addict.”

“You know I heard that the kid on the news, you know the one, his picture was up on Facebook the other day? I heard when they found him he had a needle in between his toes and all the veins in his arm were collapsed. I'm not gonna be surprised when he ODs behind Walmart someday.”

“his parents should be ashamed, I went to high school with that kid and he used to just drink right in front of them. They didn’t mind at all we used to go over to do shit all the time. Its real fucked up that they didn’t do anything to stop him.”

“ I heard”

“ I heard”

“My buddy told me that he’s gonna rat on us all that fucker better not take me down with him I’ve got a family.”

“shit now where am I gonna get my fix buddy do you got a hook up?”

“Good fucking riddance am I right, he’ll probably be out in no time, its people like him that make this town look bad.”

“He used to be so nice”

“so kind”

“what happened”

“Where did we go wrong”


Sharks ripping through his flesh


Slow down, down, to zero

A vial filled with the water of the womb

To escape the broken back he slip at work and cracked

Cracked the bone he couldn’t afford the payments

So the doctors, like the guardians at the gates of salvation

Refused admission to those without the golden ticket.

He couldn’t afford the treatment

But he could afford the pills

Until he couldn’t anymore

Then the black smoke devil in his long grey trench coat

Offered an appointment with the needle

In the middle of the planet fitness parking lot

25 feet from the free adjustment included with the black card

He’s shooting black tar

He’s a dying black star

Fuck it take another life in your hands

And throw it in the biohazard bucket

Your hypocritic oath

Has a real truth to it now.

This was his suicide note left behind with the insurance card that expired the day he turned 18

It’s plain to see.

Just be thankful its not you or me



what people don’t understand when they come to places like ours. Once a year, they see us at our best, eager to serve and hoping the dollar will finally trickle down. What tourists don’t understand is that we’re still here after they leave. When it gets cold. When the weather forces the leaves from the trees. We’re still here, freezing, hoping that once it all thaws out the pain will stop. My father was hit with a car on his way home from work. He drinks to numb the pain. My buddy got let go from the factory job he was working, he sells dime bags on his back deck. While I’m at work the homeless people like to pick out the ash trays for some semblance of a cigarette. People are angry, angry that the world and the government seems to have forgotten about them. Ghost people in a ghost state. I'm ANGRY

that along the way I gave up on it as well. We all gave up.

What happened man?

Where did everyone go?

We’re just ghosts now, the rest of the world’s once a year haunted house.

#20192020 #HybridWork #Poetry #Prose #TimDowns

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