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A Dirty Parking Lot in Erving Massachusetts

I should’ve known it was something bigger when the radio started turning off and on.

If someone really wants to mess with me, all they have to do is fuck around with my tunes.

My uncle told me that there should have been a loud whining noise, but I couldn’t hear it

over the music. Maybe that was the problem, she was giving me the warning signs, telling me

there was a problem with the connection, but the music was too loud. My uncle said that if I could loosen upon

the connectors, use a wire brush and a bottle of coke to clean off the corrosion, she and I would be up and running.

That wasn’t the problem, corrosion is bad but if the alternator isn’t working, the belt: frayed and about

to snap, the battery can’t charge. So at that point it doesn’t matter if the connection is bad because

there isn’t enough electricity being created anymore.

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