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my parents are/were divorced my father is/was dead I did/did not mourn and grieve this situation is a dense fog and I cannot see or walk through I stay on my side where it is clear my parents were/were not married my parents’ marriage had vanished before I could root for it I am/am not my father’s child my mom would always claim my connection to him when I looked out for me my mind is/is not clear I do/do not mourn Haiti Haiti does/does not live inside me I can/cannot hear the drums there is a schism here a hairline fracture of a chance I am/am not an only child everything became complicated early on and now we are all here sitting in it I did/did not cry when my fraile father passed away I do/do not miss my brother and sister I can/should reconnect with them mom said I had to worry about myself for once I was ten I have/have not been silent this whole time I wanted to discover on my own I do/do not miss Haiti I do/do not understand Creole this is/is not very complicated my dad’s side of the family tells stories from my past and when I was small

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