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Paradise / Immortality

Feet in the sand, I stare out at the horizon Ocean sprawls on for an eternity

Am I immortal?

Waves crash down like thunder claps I move forward and leave past impressions of progress The sun shines bright and marks my skin with beads Uncontrollably warm, I enter into a haze

(I shot)/(the sun)

Past lovers stand before me in winter coats and hats You are wrong, I tell them, the seasons have changed Wind blows and the sand dissipates

Where am I?

Too hot, I enter into the melted ice cube Remembrance stabs through my body as water cools my system Fish come up and greet me, speaking some language I do not understand I attempt to converse but I do not know how Angered, the fish bit my person mercilessly I exit the water A crab scuttles past, oblivious to my presence determined to get home and be with his family “March on, Crab!” I exclaim He is eaten by a seagull who picks him up and drops him


I trek back towards umbrellas and towels back towards order and structure and bubble gum I leave, but before departure I look back The ocean waves and litter smiles.

#Poetry #20182019

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