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Goddess of the Hunt(ed)

Cold-as-the-moon Artemis Goddess of the Hunt Twin of, but second to, Apollo and his sun-streaked chariot Apollo, who leads the Muses in song and lyric and stories told Apollo, who shoots with a golden arrow Gold is a soft metal Malleable when beaten

Silver-soft sister Whose Father wasted eons Worrying about the phallacy, the phantasy – virginity. So sent He seven nymphets To protect It (not her) One for each demon cast out

Mistress of the Wild Lover/Mistress of Orion Fell for the way he hunted Forgetting whom he hunted Bow and back arched Tension and release

Her arrow never misses its mark

Envious Apollo King Zeus wannabe The Boy Who Claimed Rape But not his own Never his own Never his Never is Never was

Artemis sought vengeance For the rape that never was Star-scattering Orion Until he faded with the sunrise

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