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love that works hard to live

Six states away and I can hear his heart beating Our love, telepathic We are always so far from each other our brains have learned to make up the space Long electrical currents have held us awake all this time I have spent more time away from my partner than we have spent shocking each other’s synapses Our love, a battery-powered thing we had to crank out so much energy at first We thought our hands would cramp, but did not understand that our hearts would soon feel like wounds the way our counterparts’ power plant around us is difficult They make us trip over their cords, trying to urge us that the fumes were supposed to help us breathe better Our love is a short-circuit lightning bolt Even across state lines, I can feel the warmth of fork meeting electrical outlet and smile I lean out the window to say I love you in morse code and his voice travels back in tiny megabytes Our love, dependent on wifi and quality headphones logging on to Facebook is going the extra mile Humans ask us how we do it and we explain that we have to electric eel our relationship, finessing so carefully as to not encite a power outage leaving each other standing in the dark

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