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the introvert’s love letter to the invention of the door

praise be for that everyman barrier to all things too social and loud that lets me peacefully sit and watch seinfeld on repeat i could go out and get but instead i can use amazon and tweet without extensive shoulder-peek and that’s why

sacred is one frame two hinges a bottom sweep and solid oak that keeps headphone-less music in and strange relatives out at gatherings like the lock was my own personal st. michael who fights crowded thanksgivings dinners at gates to hell and

glory be to fruits of janus’ domain that’s the door god even if you think it dumb that ferries my escape through bathroom window from shithelooked a boy i frenched in fifth grade whose feet i tumbled over by the punch bowl so

hail to the chief of interior division and divide that because i don’t think neanderthal me was fond of letting paul watch me pee in the berry bush ha i thought that line up as mother nature calls and i’ve been hanging up on her for an hour and thus

long live the creation of the dutch the pivot the paneled that quiet touch of butt with dress and bra untangled because it means with a fan on I cannot hear my roommates’ fuc king is the wooden boards we adore and that hovering mothers’ deplore.

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