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Arrival Date

Scallop clam fluttery

In swimming, clicky

Quick through the current

Snapping her little jaw

And dancing through

The royalty of

Coral bedded; seaweed ridden-

Jelly anemone

Shivers it’s flaccidity

Ensuing To her

(The Scallop)

Oblivion blue is no place for

A clam.

A bubble floats beneath her bottom

A caress of O2

Mimicking a petal’s touch

Or perhaps the Mother Naiad

With her pearl coated

Fingernails, and 12 oysters

Clipped to her fins-

She’s carrying our little shell

Vertical to the heavenly



Emerge and see

Emergency at last

A sky full of stars


Waves to her from beyond Mars

The entire ocean

thrashes against

Her shell

Hurling tidals of tsunami granger

A familiar wage, reminiscent of

Plato’s cave

But she knows of his philosophy, and isn’t quite fond of him

So, she chose

For the world to discover her.

Fully erect, slumped on her back leg

She drips

A gentle seafoam to her toes

Peeling the starfish

From her breast

A single

Drop of

Salt water

Travels her navel

And she is yawning-

Gaze upon a

Seashell queen in her

Glory- in her prime, her

everlasting prime

Stentorian and proud

As mother

Venus, unshrouded

And unscathed

Drenched holy and

Showered sacred

She is…





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