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Don't Forget to Freeze Her by Kimberly Murphy

Before unpacking, thrust an exacto-knife through her taut, feathered chest cavity. When the blade swims in, pull apart that tiny, perfectly patterned digestive system:

blood, stool, innards thaw quickly at room temperature. Pluck gently with pincers.

Despite holding a steady hand, murmurs regarding the grotesque, repulsive will shellac themselves across your themes of richness over time

it comes from the lips of those who would rather let blackberries rot on the vine, fearful of unremovable stains.

Her guts will now rest on the crumb-covered kitchen table, until a haggard cat might drag them out into the busy street.

The one inch incision will expose the empty midriff. Pour both salt and borax lightly inside– drying blood behind open wings.

End with tidy needle prodding, a new hemstitch, in through dried flesh, and attach to thick fabric.

It will cover up the grotesque, the empty.

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