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Earthbound Sweater

If I had a penny

for every little thing that made me miss her,

I’d be crying over a stack of c-notes

wishing I was with her.

I can no longer watch

Marlon Brando play The Godfather…

without thinking of the one person

I never seemed to bother.

I cannot hear Elton John sing the words

“Goodbye, Norma Jean”

without picturing the most beautiful girl

that I have ever seen.

The movie never looked so good

and the music never sounded better

than when I was sitting beside her

and she was wearing her Earthbound sweater.

When I’m around her,

I’m never anyone but the best version of myself

she saved my endangered soul

and brought me out of my shell.

She made me feel safe to laugh

and safe to cry in equal measure,

but for every ounce of pain,

she gave me a gallon of pleasure.

The sight of her smile

never ceased to make me soar.

The memory of seeing it

makes me wish I saw it more.

If only she knew

she moves me in the deepest way,

and that I regret leaving her

instead of choosing to stay.

I know I’ll see her.

The distance is temporary.

The prospect is exciting,

but the wait is scary.

Our days apart seem

like an utter waste.

Just perpetual feelings

of yearning and lots of empty space.

I’m happy to know her.

I’m proud to call her my friend.

Her smile will shine on me soon.

We are far from the end.

But if there’s one thing above all

that always makes me want to cry…

it’s that I told you I love you

and then had to say goodbye.

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