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Forced Migration

Within the hours before the sun awakens,

I sense my wetsuit hugging my goosebump-stricken body,

Standing at the border between the azure tides and the golden sands,

My significance appears microscopic,

While my toes sink within the algae-colored froth,

I cross the barrier without resistance,

Into a refreshing realm of restless-salted rushes,

Diving deep under the distant glassy surface,

The dark abyss beneath my body consumes me,

Resisting my movements within the gallons of liquid,

Far away until I can no longer see civilization,

Entirely isolated and separated from my eliminated belongings,

From my life before I was forced to flee,

The pod of mammoth-like beings surrounded me,

With their elongated bodies drifting against the transparency,

Temporarily healing my emotions of loss and trauma,

Immersing my spirit within their environment,

The extraordinary beings with their finger-like baleen,

Ingesting tons of krill in a single sitting,

Radiating a Santorini-blue gleam against their dense blubber,

Massive scars embedded within their skin,

Displaying wounds from powerful ship strikes,

Forcing these captivating creatures out of their home,

Dividing these mothers from their young,

Transitioning a once thriving ecosystem into damaged devastation,

Like my smoke-filled city left within the wreckage

Their experiences aren't entirely distant,

As the blue whale migration is forced, just like my own.


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