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My Many Deaths

There is a plague 

Inhabiting my mind 

It has been lingering 

For some time 

But now 

It has finally killed me 

With this a river starts to flow 

I’m thrust along 

In rapid song 

My head flipped round confronts a rock 

And diluted blood begins to run 

This concludes with death number one 

I lay upon the river shore 

Feeling hopeless as I felt before 

I hear someone coming to see 

They found their food, that being me 

I’m now introduced to my second death 

As they rip apart my body and take away my breath 

I rise from the ground, which I just was a part 

And I use what is left of my cells 

To find myself a boat that sails 

I take the last of my will onto waves of the moon’s art 

And I stop to see my third death below 

But with a slip of my foot, down to it I go 

I awoke in the sand to a reflection of my face 

Her eyes were wet not with ocean but with pain 

I saw her face spent as she stabbed me with such a weight 

To where I was no longer a person, but only a name 

So here my final death was on the beach 

Where my blood mixed with the foam 

It turned the waves from white to red 

As it covered me, dead and alone 

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