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Oh to Be in Love (And Never Get Out Again)

I’m on tip toe

Pretending it’s you

My lust keeper

Keep me locked up

With padlock chains

Keep your key buried

Hidden away from anyone who

Can take it 

My eyes are closed

As you plant on my neck

And trail down my shoulders

As the rain beats against 

My eyelids


Nothing but the sound of exhale

A pant, a gasp

I explore the extent of passion with you

In a Firm stance

Tiptoed in a coldness

Looking up to you from

Under your fuzzy chin

You melt this frigid weather 

And pour me your hottest smoke

The rain gathers in my mouth

But I let it be

Until it pours from my lips

Down my chest 

To my feet, and the floor below 

While you stare from above 

Your towering neck

I reach toward your north star

Stretching and straining

You watch in anticipation like filth

Writhing in my ellipsis

With an open mouth

Full of rain

I wrap my lips around a cloud

Making out with the shower head


In remembrance of you

Stroking my hair

Pretending it was you

Backwards, like you did

I’m Exodus 9:23-25

Enkindled in this shower

Lava veins

Wildfire in a hurricane

And I can’t tell

What’s a tear?

What’s a shower and what’s rain?

It’s all him in my mouth

But the narrative fades

As lines of pros trickle

Down my shoulders

And my tale as Cinderella

Just struck midnight

My pumpkin coach and glass gown

Consoled in the arms of rain 

Shatters down the drain

With soap scum

And residue stuck between my teeth

I wipe my mouth

And pull away from you

Staring into your spouts

As you bleed down my body

Bleed yourself into this tub

I pretended it was you

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