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Soft Corner by Devin Snell

Soft drink pinks the sugar tree. Some dew pepper tinkers a slow treasure. Sweat dippings cream in runway. Sweetness felt fattening. Wormbank riverbed.

Trail spike coil romper. Pelt helix pop. Trip psyche cocoa room. Sled slush koan. Trick tempura sagittal hemp, sag, speakeasy. Treble kush cone. Chelonian national.

Swede hop. Hip the coinway. Ditty foamers. High farmers. Gilt fames, kitsch plumpers. Lite coin bop. Bomb the highway.

Too soft, too. Coal crystal husk node. Said curd, simple cub. Sip demon pigs the puck. Crime cubby ode clops Soft wear pink the pack. Limp plunge corner trumps. Corner label carbon. Space diamond, soft dud. Turner corn grime timer. Shook cell shucking. Sham cell mute.

Galactic paintball curb. Turbulent hiccups. Carburetor graphic trappings. Brain ferment. Bread flossers. Wheelhouse lime puggy. WPAN. Working pink cooler. Tree, pour, color, saké, angle, corner.


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