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Sweet Tooth

I left the cult of dionysus because My vices are

too wonderful to be exclusive

and now here I am at your door

blood and wine between My toes; with rows of teeth

I smile.

I’m power-hungry but I want to be power-drunk.

what better place to pillage than you?

I should mention while I cross the threshold that

My departure from dionysus may have partially been due

to My lack of want for lovers;

I don’t want lovers.

I want worshippers.

I will only have those who are ready and begging to

kneel before Me each morning

and slur bloody thank yous each time

I pluck out a tooth.

if you want My attention you’ll have to

grip onto Me like a fleeting cat bite;

show Me what little will you have.

I never want anyone forever except


I’m selfromantic.

I’m selfsexual.

I’m selfish.

but you already knew that going in, didn’t you?

you just convinced yourself this would be different.

that I would be different,

that you are different.

you aren’t.

I will always crave nothing but My own satisfaction,

and aren’t you lucky to be the one I’ve chosen to

crumble to get it?

I have a ravenous heart and you should be grateful

she’s settled for you.

I am openly malicious and you love Me for it.

at My every beck and call,

just where you’ve always belonged.

you’ve skipped four card nights with your brothers

and six sunday brunches with your mother

whispering apologies against My palms

and licking your blood from My fingers.

I’ve emptied your answering machine

and they’ve all stopped calling.

no one will believe you when you leave

and tell them I tore open your skin for breakfast

each morning in the hopes of finding deeper purchase

to sink My collection of teeth into.

why would they, when I taste sweet as peach moscato

on their tongues as I melt your truths to hearsay?

you have only one course of action now.

swear your loyalty to Me.

well? swear it.

who else do you have?


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