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The Dawson & Joey Scenario

Is an authentic uncomplicated scenario

In which two childhood best friends turned lovers

Are destined to crash & burn worse than Japan Airlines Flight 123.

But when it seemed the only option left was for the Fates to cut their string

The goddess Rhapso swooped in to try & mend the frays of the two young lives at stake

Because love isn’t worth losing your life over.

One who never grasped the concept of Holding on Loosely while the other was too busy being Caught Up in You.

One a child of pain, loss & darkness

Meets another full of pure radiance & light

A daughter of Hades & a daughter of Apollo converge to rewrite the threads of history.

But eventually the perfectly maintained façade has to crack right?

I was Sisyphus & you were the boulder

An uphill battle I lost every damn time.

Yes there was enough room on that piece of floating shipwreck

But I chose to let go of an idealized dream

That just hurt us both in the hopes we could just remain friends.

I tried to save the flame that was between us

But in doing so, I was sentenced to be tied to a rock &

Have my liver eaten out every dawn by your eagle.

I changed my everything for you Danny Zuko

And what did you do?

You let Icarus fly right into the sun.


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