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The Gravity of Being Good

I can still see them,

The gleams in a ravenous sky

Come to sink me down and force me to tumble

Reeling from all the pressure to just be average;

All I wanted was a mad tea party,

Where tragedy wouldn’t saddle me

With its inviting memory of a queen on her throne,

There was luxury but no telling when her penalty would

Vanish, gone like the brave who can turn vain,

They drink me in,

How I wish it was my will they were after,

But just like the Beatles say,

Let it be -

Let it be the dream of the gullible to

Vanquish their enemy;

I am invisible to the good as they fail me,

Their rights turn to wrongs, the deeper they get

At this rate dragons aren’t as impossible as they seem,

Fallen to my knees by my passivity and

Inability to ever be good;

The lady inside reaches to the raven,

The pull to me, to be ready

To be happy, and not to

Sell between what’s important and what is real,

I could be the evil witch they deem me to be,

Or I could look my fill, against their will

The very image they don’t want me to see;

Lately its hard to save the great

So I’ll visit with the terrible

To save myself from its cavity

Before it can reach down from the sky to capture me.


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