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To My Inner Child

How long have I forgotten my heart

How long

How long have I put others before my own

How long

How long has it been since I’ve held her hand

Told her we’re going to be O.K

How long

Was it in childhood ?

A mother, 4 little girls and a brother

All bouncing off one another

But married to work was the father

How long has it been ?

How long has it been since I've held her hand ?

Was it before childhood?

Before the belly I grew inside and claimed as my home ?

During the past lives here on earth ?

Through the dark caravan of time passed on this plane

Through the dark ages of pain suffering and low vibration

A native poisoned with yellow fever

A soldier beheaded for believing in his God

Long ago my soul suffered the severed connection to heart,

To inner child

Now fast forward many lives into adulthood

Into a New age

Reliving all the pain and abandonment

To find her yet again

To hold her once again

To love her yet again

How long

How long has it been

Since I've held her hand


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