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What Happens When Two Poets Collide?

Will the words in their heads dissolve?

The words in their mouths stop with a kiss--

Or maybe they don’t.

Her mouth tasted like life. Like blood.

Hers, or mine?

Instead of the words dissolving maybe they meld--

Create a new language, just for them.

“It feels like we’ve done this before.”

Your words are in my body.

Don’t you want to find them?

What happens when two poets collide?

Galaxies of words smash, supernova, celestial catastrophe, event of a lifetime--

What happens when two poets collide?

Do they write each other?

Do they write in the shape of each other?

I’ve always loved your poems.

Sing them into my mouth.

Look into my eyes and use your telepathy powers. I want them. I want yours. I want you.

What happens when two poets collide?

Describe me. Sing to me. Write me.


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