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An Oasis is a Lonely Mirage

I knew you were dangerous the moment

I pulled up to your house, you nervously

walking towards my car with a spliff in hand.

You leaned in my open window, kissed me

as if I was an oasis and you were

dehydrated from all the sun you ate.

A midday heat tongue-tango, the taste of your

tobacco and nicotine breath staining my lips,

I asked you for chapstick, you licked my lips.

The night I took you out for drinks

you toasted to peace and love and

I punched you for being cliché,

you whispered “Pal, that’s all love is”

and I knew you were dangerous.

You’re bedroom was cold the first

night we spent together and I asked

you for more blankets, but you

threw the sheets off the bed,

placed your arms around my

waist and nuzzled your nose

in the nape of me neck

“I’ll keep you from freezing”,

your hot breath dancing on my skin

I lifted my hand and placed it on

your erection, hard and pulsing

and we fell asleep in that image of lust,

I knew you were dangerous.

Trust me when I speak of days without rain,

I have experienced droughts and floods

and floods are worse because you must

know how to swim, you never swam with me

only swam ahead and I drowned in your

moans when you were making hot love

to that boy from the college down the road

and I was working, saving tips so that we

could see the lights of New York together

but I knew you were dangerous because

the moment I pulled up to your house,

you kissed me through my window and

found my oasis that would hydrate you.

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