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I've Got Time

With infinite decimals between zero and one. The movement of life like a beat of a drum. An order of spacing in which we perceive. As a second is finite is what we believe. And so it makes up minutes, hours, and days. And months make up years with no sure delays. Yet it is infinite, and at a tempo it still plays, then time is much longer, than our perception displays. My position a surmise. As I've lived in these lies, with conclusions I've made, through primitive eyes. Overlapping events, a state of orderly progression. A millionth nano second, confirming new direction. The second you see is only a collection. The words of a statement, that form the full pretension. So I have some time to spare, as these limits just aren't fair. We're looking at constraints, but the parts we do not care. And once we realize. That those fractions materialize. They fully make up what we see with our eyes. Although I can't think that fast, And there's not much I can do. I will always limited by my world point of view. So I sit here now and watch the seconds tick. And realize that time is not that quick.

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