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Madre Patria

Madre, that Spanish man was no good.

His hands touched what shouldn’t have been touched

His tongue forced down your throat.

He said you were beautiful,

That from all the others, he loved you the most.

Madre, he made promises he couldn’t keep.

A coward, who left for scraps of safety and stability

Hijo de puta, Colón.

Madre, the American brute was no better,

Undressing every stitch, and sewing his own on your skin

His hands were cold when they touched you

You didn’t ask for it, I know you didn’t want to

You tried to speak, but he couldn’t understand you

Selling your body to wandering strangers

Bombing the sole of your archipelago.

Madre, quit being so naïve.

Madre, cumslut, puta!

Who is my father?

Why does he not love us?

Why is your skin darker than mine?

Madre, I hate him

He does not understand me

Arresting my siblings

Letting them wan so he can thrive

We can’t fend for ourselves any longer

Madre, él no entiende nuestra cultura,

Our culture

Él no entiende nuestro espíritu,

Our spirit.


Learn to think for yourself,

Be a good mother, we’ll take care of you.

Recuerda tu orgullo

No olvides tu lenguaje,

Recuerda tus padres

Where you come from,


Hija del Mar y el Sol

El Mar y el Sol.

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