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The Wendigo and the Incubus

I only wanted to know the taste of your lips

Now bits of you are stuck in my teeth

–in my bones—

In my chest and I can’t get out

From the first, dug in my thorns

My love like kudzu vines—or, like poison ivy

Burning you, turning you, inside out

Got lost in your frozen wasteland,


I pulled you close for warmth

Pine sharp in our lungs

Bonfire in the distance, sparks singeing skin

You, wrapped up in me like a cocoon

Your heat, your flesh

One taste—all it takes;

Starvation, hunger,

I gave in and consumed you

So you could consume me

Hold me under the snow;

My sweet; let me drown in you

I am anchored by my lover’s weight,

Draped in ocean blue and blood red

The beast is growing.

Clawing its way out

Protrusions of ivory, of obsidian,

Tearing through a man’s skin and emerging





My ravenous lover

If I eat you alive

Will pick my bones clean?

#CaitlinONeill #ContestWinner #Poetry #20152016

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