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What it's like to be Human in a Non- Human Form


I went to bed muttering something

about God, or not a God, or a woman

an uncertain self-separation,

a soul in the arms of a sea — soul —

you swear among rivers and rivulets

that your body does not make

a sound but you wear me down

like an ethereal erosion

a numbness like warming your hands

after being outside for too long, but

a numbness, nonetheless –

you left me sad and high and


an intruding soul floating from my head

to the hollow of my heel bone, and still

i binge and i binge and i binge

what’s it like to wash up

on your own shore?

what’s it like to be in love with everything so


you ate my heart out & you swore

there was a difference between

being on the rocks and rock bottom

  1. body

what happens when october is over

and I am still slight, and you are still

and I am still crowding an area meant for

something less clumsy, something

more anything than me

I swallowed waves of charcoal in

a bitter black sickness and she held herself

up on a dusty canvas

a breathless barter I couldn’t trade

for anything – I don’t have

anything left

to give her

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