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Airport Fridays

In deep fall

Where lives end and begin

Over warm cappuccinos

And chestnut colored laughter

In eyes that smile uncontrollably

In the international crossroads

City Saturdays

When the cold November wind

Whips her notebooks around

Under warming kisses

And fogging breath

It weaves its way into the material of our scarves

Hurrying footsteps

Determined not to be late for her future

Sparkling eyes

And the touch of fingertips as they fly away

Boston nights

From the aquarium into Back Bay

Sneaking kisses in shadows

Underneath architecture giants

I lead her into my home

But it’s her Narnia

Darting between the White Witch’s foreign city lights

And concrete built towers

I introduce her to Autumn

Who welcomes her with open arms

Of dried leaves and cold kisses on her cheeks

Airport Sundays

Where goodbye isn’t appropriate

You’ll see again

On the breath of winter wind

But in the meantime

You long for

Airport Fridays

#BrigidDowney #20172018 #poetry

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