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Walter and His Fat Wife V

Walter walks with his fat wife

down to the riverbank

on very warm nights.

They carry a light blanket

and lie in the grass.

This July night the moon is full.

“Walter,” says his wife,

“The moon has been spurned

by a man weeding his garden.”

“Tell me the story, sweet wife,” says Walter.

“Look, her face is swollen and dewy eyed.

See her mist hang in the air?

He was trimming tomato vines

with sharp shears

and wouldn’t look at her.

He said, ‘I just don’t see anything here.’

He could not bear the longing in her heart

the sweet taste of her lips

nor the swooning song

of circling night birds.”

Walter’s arms flutter

around his fat wife’s waist.

He lifts his face from her beating heart

and kisses her

there under the full moon.

#ElizabethHaight #poetry #20172018

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